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Loose Variant Grizz

Loose Variant Grizz

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Limited Edition - Combined production of both Loose & MOC Variant Grizz figures will not exceed 100 pieces total.

*Some orders may take 7 - 10 business days to process*

Each figure will include a COA certificate with Serial Number.

The Grizz Variant will have red Bandoliers & a purple hat!

**Grizz The Bodaciously Bogus Bionic Bear! - Action Figure**

Loose Figures Include:

-4.5" Grizz Figure

- three Solid Red Accessories

Unleash the power of Grizz, the biomechanical beast with razor-sharp claws! Standing at 4.5 inches tall this action figure boasts an impressive 7 points of articulation, providing you with dynamic poses and endless display possibilities.


- 4.5" Action Figure

- 7 Points of Articulation

- Made in the USA


In a not-so-distant future, a brilliant but mora lly compromised scientist named Dr. Hardman embarks on a dangerous experiment to create the ultimate weapon. Using cutting-edge cybernetics and advanced Al, he transforms a captive grizzly bear into a menacing bionic creature known as "Grizz". The once-majestic bear is now a biomechanical monstrosity with razor-sharp claws, a titanium-reinforced exoskeleton, and integrated weaponry. As Grizz's powers grow, he wreaks havoc in the wilderness, disrupting the balance of nature. His destructive path catches the attention of Sledgehog the vicious viking.

Elevate your action figure collection with Grizz- The Bodaciously Bogus Bionic Bear!

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