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Ninyatzu - Shadow Line - MOC - Treasure Monster Toys (Turtle Cardback)

Ninyatzu - Shadow Line - MOC - Treasure Monster Toys (Turtle Cardback)

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Limited Edition - Combined production of both Loose & MOC figures will not exceed 200 pieces total.

*Some orders may take 7 - 10 business days to process*

Each figure will include a COA certificate with Serial Number. The first 50 MOC orders will receive a Dan Berger Autographed Collectors Card. There will be a total of 50 Auto cards regardless of which cardback you buy.

**Ninyatzu The Mega Master of Martial Arts Teleporting Turtle - Action Figure**

MOC Figures Include:

-Treasure Monster Toys 'Turtle' Cardback (Art by Dan Berger) **NOVELTY CARDBACK, NOT AN OFFICIAL TMNT PRODUCT**

-4.5" Ninyatzu Figure 

-Gold Collectors Coin 

-Collectors Card (Art By Dan Berger)

-Translucent Blue Accessories 

Unleash the power of Ninyatzu, the martial arts maestro with an extraordinary twist! Standing at 4.5 inches tall, this action figure boasts an impressive 7 points of articulation, providing you with dynamic poses and endless display possibilities.


- 4.5" Action Figure

- 7 Points of Articulation

- Made in the USA

- Includes Mocmaster or Toyshield Protector Case


Meanwhile, in New York City, a highly mysterious radioactive ooze mutated Ninjatsu, endowing him with unbelievable powers. Ninjatsu became faster, stronger, and gained the ability of teleportation. Once he mastered all these abilities, he began patrolling the streets of New York, putting a halt to all criminal activities.

Ninyatzu by day, Shadow by night.

Don't mess with the teleporting turtle!

Elevate your action figure collection with Ninyatzu – a unique blend of martial arts prowess and teleportation mastery!

©️2023 Treasure Monster Toys. Ninyatzu and all related logos, characters, names, and distinctive likenesses thereof are registered trademarks. All rights reserved. Manufactured by: Treasure Monster Toys Inc. MADE IN THE USA.


Return Policy: 100% Customer Satisfaction, if you're not happy with your purchase you can return it for a full refund.

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