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Carded (MOC) Variant Inferno

Carded (MOC) Variant Inferno

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Limited Edition - Combined production of both Loose & MOC Variant Inferno figures will not exceed 100 pieces total.

*Some orders may take 7 - 10 business days to process*

Each figure will include a COA certificate with Serial Number.

The Variant Inferno figure will have a green tank top and solid yellow accessories!

**Inferno The Blast Beating, Hella Hot-Headed Hippo - Action Figure**

MOC Figures Include:

-Treasure Monster Toys Cardback (Art by Dan Berger)

-4.5" Inferno Figure

-Gold Collectors Coin

-Collectors Card (Art By Dan Berger)

-Solid Yellow Accessories

Unleash the power of Inferno, the hot tempered hippo with beats for days! Standing at 4.5 inches tall, this action figure boasts an impressive 7 points of articulation, providing you with dynamic poses and endless display possibilities


-4.5" Action Figure

-7 Points of Articulation

- Made in the USA

Includes Mocmaster Protector Case



Once a gentle hippo with a passion for music, Inferno's fate took a dark turn when he stumbled upon a forbidden source of power hidden deep within an ancient volcano. Consumed by its malevolence, his once harmonious melodies turned into terrifying beats that can shake the very foundations of the earth. Inferno's dark sounds echo through the night, instilling fear in the hearts of all who hear them. He revels in chaos, and is determined to turn the world into a burning symphony of destruction.

Elevate your action figure collection with Inferno The Blast Beating, Hella-Hot Headed Hippo!

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